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Postby igranderojo » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:11 pm

I volunteer as mentor for high school engineering club that meets after school.
I am also partnering with the technology and science teachers to support their classroom.
For example, designing and 3D printing parts for bridge project in physics class.
I bought the Delta Robot Army kit and the Engr Club assembled it.

Next I would like them to followup and use it as a project for learning about engineering processes. One way to do this is to have them reverse engineer the hardware and firmware. For example, they could look at the PCB and draw a circuit diagram using electrical engineering symbols. Also, they could look at the Arduino firmware and draw a flowchart using software engineering symbols.

They could do friction tests of the moving parts. They could do force tests with the servos moving the weight of the effector and arms.

What teachers need are draft lesson plans that are specific. Then they can modify to fit with the part of the curriculum they are trying to implement at the time.

Anyone interested in collaborating on an education project using Google Drive to exchange files? This forum to exchange comments? or Google groups?

What about putting together a DIY instructions? wood instead of acrylic; 3D printed parts; buy PCB, servos, wires, hardware; have students build Delta Robot Army kits and then they take them apart for the next year's students to assemble and work with.
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