steampunk style

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steampunk style

Postby rho » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:51 pm


I decorated my delta bot in steampunk colors to match the theme of my daughter's FTC robotics team.
Since they're also developing a project combining Arduino, servos, and LEGOs, it's a nice complement to what they display in their booth at events. The constant movement and LED (decorated to look like a lidded eye) attract a lot of people to come and see too! People often ask if it is sensing them, or if it has a camera and can see them. I put out a sign describing delta robots and also the Robot-Army website in case anyone is interested in getting one for themselves.

So far we've shown it in Oakland, CA at the FTC West coast Super-Regional Championship in March, and last weekend at an FTC demonstration we organized at the San Diego FRC Regional Championship. We are also planning to show it at the FTC World Championship in St. Louis April 22-25. If anyone happens to be in that area, come on in to see us - the event is free admission. ... ampionship

Thanks Sarah and Mark!
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Re: steampunk style

Postby maehem » Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:37 pm


This is amazing!!! We love it!

Come say hi to us if you make it to MakerFaire next month.

Mark and Sarah
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